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This page contains still-available (at last check, anyway) items we previously featured as weekly specials or highlighted on our home page and various sales pages and links. Rainbow

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days paperback by - Jesse Liberty

Beginning Visual Basic 5 paperback by - Peter Wright

Web Page Design - A Different Multimedia paperback by - Mary E. S. Morris and Randy J. Hinrichs

Beginning Access 97 VBA Programming paperback and CD-ROM by - Robert Smith and David Sussman

Web Page Recipe Book paperback and CD-ROM by - Barrie Soinsky and Elisabeth Parker
An Reviewer says: By following the recipes in The Web Page Recipe Book, you can create Web pages without being an HTML wizard. You can manipulate the templates to learn how to build Web pages, electronic magazines, interactive forms, and company home pages. The guide teaches the essential HTML tags, how to put your page on a server, and how to get it noticed. The Web Page Recipe Book also comes with the standard Internet overview, a glossary of terms, and a guide to HTML tags. This book is written for Macintosh and Windows users who want to create personal Web pages without learning how to program. The attached CD-ROM includes electronic versions of the templates, shareware, graphics, music clips, and links.

Complete Idiot's Guide to creating an HTML 4 Web Page - paperback and CD-ROM by - Paul McFedries

FrontPage 98 - The Complete Reference by Mathews and Poulsen - Paperback - Want to make a hit with your web pages? Here's where you can get it done!!

The Horse Whisperer An Illustrated Companion to the Major Motion Picture.

Rainbow Six by - Tom Clancy - Rainbow Six appeals on all the levels that Clancy fans could hope for. The Rainbow operatives, from Navy SEALs to German mountain-leader school graduates, are rendered to inspire with their physical and mental prowess. The book is infatuated with the latest gadgets for scrambling, transmitting, and decoding secrets. And, in a carefully woven narrative that simultaneously traces the Rainbow team, a former KGB agent named Popov, the Australian Olympic security team, and a sinister group of American scientists, Clancy artfully reveals the mystery of "Shiva" at the center of the novel. How does Clark measure up against Jack Ryan? He may be the perfect hero for a world with hidden villains. --Patrick O'Kelley - also available in paperback.

Wizard of OZ - The Video 103 minutes - Judy Garland and the whole gang.

Wizard of OZ - DVD

Wizard of OZ - The Book - by L. Frank Baum - Hardcover

Wizard of OZ - The Book - by L. Frank Baum - paperback for reading level ages 9-12.

Wizard of Oz - Troll Pop-Up Book Reading level ages 4-8

Wizard of Oz - 30 Postcards

Monica's Story
The long-awaited book telling
"Monica's Story"

Bag of Bones - by Stephen King - Bag of Bones is a writer-haunted book. The spirits of Herman Melville and Ray Bradbury are deeply felt, and so are the tale's two romances (the hero muses on his marriage and falls for a young single mom with a marvelous, psychic daughter). There is also good-humored satire of the real bestseller book world--the hero complains that "the publicity process is like going to a sushi bar where you're the sushi." In its deep concerns with love, sprawling families, the writer's life, endangered children, and good old-fashioned storytelling, the book resembles a John Irving novel. It is also absolutely classic Stephen King, packed with nifty turns of phrase, irreverent wit, and lurid ghouls who grab you from beneath the bed while you cower under the covers. --Tim Appelo

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