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Dollar Signs
Are we ready? What exactly is it that people are trying to accomplish when they publish so much mis/disinformation about an area of people's lives which can be as volatile and disconcerting as our sex lives (ok- that's all there's gonna be about sex - lotta places you can go to explore that subject).

Dollar Signs
What is going on then? I see a lot of stuff that is nothing more than someone's attempt to get me-u-us-we (maybe we should coin a new word "muswe" I don't know) to buy/invest in something which is not appropriate BUT which will make the seller/touter/broker all the money. This is the old "Where are the customer's yachts? problem". You can't even go to a Newsgroup without many posts being someone trying to sell us something.

Dollar Signs
Well, I'm here to tell you that while that is not BAD or EVIL in its own right, it very rarely approaches the question of addressing the entire individual investor's needs.

Dollar Signs
That is what we are going to try to do in these pages. As we surf along the road of financial security, we will make sure we have ALL the pieces of the investment puzzle in place so they fit the overall picture. IT WILL NOT WORK any other way!! Just a small example: How many people who call themselves financial planners (read - Have I got a deal for you!) ask you about all your insurance programs or if you have any credit card debts, or an emergency cash stash or even what your investment goal(s) is!!!....see what I mean? A lot of times these people just want to know how much MONEY you have to invest!

Dollar Signs
These are the kinds of things we are going to try to get you to think about.


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