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That, is not, as you can imagine, a typo. We could have called it a lot worse, but this is a family-oriented web page. The IRS has been in the news a lot about things like the so-called "Taxpayer Reform Act of 1997" and all sorts of alleged abuses against taxpayers.

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So we're sitting around trying to think up a way to give our visitors some sense of direction and order in the chaos of sorting out the tax effects of all the investment decisions that we all make. We realized that in the time span spent thinking on it, the rules could change a dozen times. Do we have the time to do the really intense maintenance required for a good web page on this subject? We admit that we do not. We want you, our visitor, to have the best chance to get timely, accurate information.

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We will first give you a link to the aforementioned IRS. It's actually a well-done site. It even has it's whimsical moments (Some of their alt="" attributes are even humorous) and the site really is a valuable tool for tracking down the answers you need. In addition, many of the personal finance web sites around the net have good tax information - don't be afraid to use it.
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We will add more links here, but first we are going to surf the web for the best places. We wanted to give you this much to get you started.

...And, of course, there is a lot of good tax software out there, like TurboTax as an example.

Here's some books to check out...
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