We will add to the collection from time to time and we ask you to please share any you know of with us.

  1. Everywhere you go in Windows 98, etc, there are WIZARDS to help you do things!!

  2. Every day, someone says somewhere, on the news, on a TV show, in the paper, somewhere: "We're not out of the woods on that yet."
  3. July 14 - 1998 comic strip: Mother Goose and Grimm - Dog and Cat are trapped in a pet store:

  4. My July 17 - 1998 issue of Forbes magazine has an article titled: Stocks for Cowardly Lions.

  5. In the August 3 - 1998 issue of TV Guide with the top 50 all-time movies on TV and video list, WOZ placed 4th on that list!! The three movies ahead were: 3 - Citizen Kane, 2 - Casablanca, and 1 - The Godfather Part II - The only sequel to win an Oscar for best picture. I would say The Wizard of Oz was in good company!!

  6. August 6 - 1998 - Amazon.com is featuring a new book by Tom Clancy called Rainbow Six. They're promoting it with the headline - Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!

  7. September 7 -1998 St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Story in Sunday business section with headline - Goldilocks market turns and is now in Land of Oz. Story talks about (summer of 1998) stock market turmoil and goes on to say, first: After last week's tornado in the market, investors may think they've landed in another children's tale in the Land of Oz, and second: Market traders were left as lost and frightened as Dorothy hugging Toto in the witch's castle.

  8. 1998 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog features a child's bedroom, with a hand-blown glass tornado lamp, wall murals of Dorothy, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion as well as carpeting depicting the Yellow Brick Road at a mere $150,000. If that's a little over the rainbow for you , there's the Toto doll for $35.

  9. January 1999 issue of WINDOWS magazine - last page is a feature called "Recycle Bin". All kinds of off-the-wall oddities of computing. There is a monthly cartoon called WinToon - In this issue there is a picture of Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and another "Geeky" looking man walking down the great hall to the wizard's chamber and the man is saying to the Wizard, "Actually sir, I'm not with them, but I was kinda hoping for a 450MHz dual Pentium II Xenon screamer."

  10. February 2 - 1999 comic strip - Heart of the City: In it Dorothy (played by the character, Heart) is making her "missing the scarecrow most of all" speech, when she decides to stay because she could live in a castle, have munchkins wait on her, and not take math tests. This results in much cheering, before Heart's mom wakes her up. During her math test, the boy sitting next to her remarks, "Will you stop humming "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"! I'm trying to concentrate!"

  11. May 27 - 1999 - Family Circle cartoon - Dolly and Billy are looking out the window at a rainbow. Dolly says, "Birds fly over the rainbow, why, oh, why can't I"? Billy says, "Dolly, you stole that from Judy Garland."

  12. Sept. 13 - 1999 - "Warped" cartoon - Caption reads, "The Shortest Career in Broadway History" - RAIN is falling all around a picture of a Play Poster which reads - "Singin' In the Rain", featuring the Wicked Witch of the West. A bucket is in the picture with the word OZ on it, along with a picture of the WWW's pointed hat and broomstick.

  13. Oct. 4-12 - 1999 - SHERMAN'S LAGOON - Strip cartoon - Story arc where the shark is hit by a boat and suddenly believes he's in the OZ movie as Dorothy. He thinks the boat accident is a tornado and calls for Auntie Em.

  14. January 30 - 2000 - Super Bowl XXXIV - Commercial for FedEX uses a scene from the movie to show that FedEX can deliver anywhere. The Lollipop Guild boys voices drop while they're singing and the FedEX guy drops in with helium balloons for the boys to breathe and restore their voices. In the process, the falling truck kills a witch.

  15. March 11 - 2000 - TV show - Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - The $500,000 question is: In the book "The Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, what color are Dorothy's shoes? And the options were ruby, silver, emerald, or something else (I can't remember). The contestant had wasted all of his lifelines and declined to answer. In the book, silver is the correct answer, ruby was used in the movie to enhance the use of Technicolor.

  16. May 3 - 2000 - WARPED - cartoon - Titled "At the Munchkinland HMO" - 3 Munchkin doctors are operating on the Scarecrow and one says to the other 2 - "C'mon - guys - in this case, this isn't exactly BRAIN surgery!!"

  17. June 10 - 2000 - Wizard of ID - cartoon - Wiley's Dictionary - Define: em-u-late. Answer: What Uncle Henry said when Auntie Em arrived too late to save Toto.

  18. October 23 - 2000 - Newspaper Jumble Puzzle - Answer clue was: "A cold drink on a hot day can turn a picnic into this" Answer: THE LAND OF "AHHS"

  19. November 2000 issue of Worth magazine - Last page has a cartoon with the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion each at a computer, apparently at some auction site, bidding on a "Heart", a "Brain", and "Da Noive"

  20. May 23 - 2001 - ZITS cartoon - 5 panels:

  21. June 9 - 2001 - Mother Goose and Grim - one panel cartoon titled "Oz Health Club" - Dorothy and Toto are walking on a treadmill. The Wicked Witch of the West id riding a stationary bike and says, "I'll Get You My Pretty, and Your Little Dog Too!!"

  22. NON SEQUITUR - November 18 - 2000 - Wicked Witch of the East is UNDER a psychiatrist's couch - Title of cartoon = "Worst case scenario of dream analysis: The Wicked Witch of the East session". Psychiatrist is writing in his notes:, "No, houses don't LITERALLY fall out of the sky...it's just symbolic of something your subconscious is trying to tell you regarding some emotional need that's 'CRUSHING' you. Hey, nice ruby slippers...

  23. Parade magazine - November 19 - 2000 - Cartoon of Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and Dorothy and the Wizard. Dorothy is saying, "I want to go home. These guys just need content."

  24. NON SEQUITUR - Dorothy & Toto, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow walking along the yellow brick road. Scarecrow standing back from the rest with a folded map opened looking to the side at a man in a robe holding a wooden staff (Moses?) with a row of thousands behind the man with the staff. Tin man turning to Dorothy stating, "UH...WHY ARE WE ASKING HIM FOR DIRECTIONS?"

  25. Drabble cartoon - 1-31-2002 - Drabble and Penny (his young daughter) are watching TWOZ on television:

  26. Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon - 2-6-2002 - One panel titled Fairy Godfather - Dorothy is wearing cement shoes...Two "mafia-type" guys are standing next to her. One says, "Dorothy, you've been able to go home any time you've wanted, just click your cement shoes together."

  27. LAUGH PARADE - Dorothy & Toto, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow standing around. Dorothy has a hold of a tag on the Scarecrow's jacket. Dorothy says, "It says, "Federal law prohibits removal of this tag".

  28. Dorothy & Toto, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow standing atop a mountain peak. A man, with a full white beard, dressed in a robe (Moses? a guru?) is sitting in front of them. Dorothy states, "We've already been to the wizard...We're looking for a second opinion."

  29. The Classic Far Side - Dorothy holding Toto, Lion with badge around his neck, Tin Man holding heart on chain, Scarecrow holding diploma in hand are standing closely together with their arms held up in the air (Scarecrow, Lion & Tin Man only, Dorothy is holding Toto) because a man in a trench coat is pointing a possible gun through his coat pocket saying, "C'mon, c'mon, buddy! The heart! Hand over the heart!...And you with the brains!...Lets have 'em!"

  30. A shirt Leonardo DiCaprio wore in "Titanic" and Michael Keaton's Batman suit fetched thousands of dollars apiece at a Hollywood memorabilia auction. But neither came close to the Cowardly Lion costume worn by Bert Lahr in WOZ, which sold for $250,000!!! DiCaprio's shirt brought $10,000 and the Batman suit went for $60,000.

  31. A*D*D Y*O*U*R I*T*E*M H*E*R*E!!

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